The presentation of marketing material has evolved over the last couple of decades. From transparencies, to computer based slides, to multi-media PowerPoint presentations, to full video. Thanks to technical advancements, it has become more cost effective to produce full video for your marketing message. The video can be delivered in its traditional form of tape for projection or broadcast, but technology now allows us to format the same video for the internet, and for video CDs for playback on personal computers.

The cost of duplication and distribution has been greatly reduced as well. The first class postage for a mini-CD can be less than a $1 depending on packaging.

Video can be the most effective way to present products or services, business information, or or to document business successes. For non-profit organizations, video tells the story like no other media can.

If you think video might be for you, call and let's talk about it.
 Barney Hilton Murray