Internet Marketing and Website Design

The internet can be the most effective form of advertising and marketing, but only if it is part of a overall marketing plan. The investment into a state of the art website has little ROI if no one knows it exist or visits.

We can assist with the analysis and project planning to optimize your web presence.
We specialize in micro to small businesses. Our rates are affordable and our customer service, second to none.

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Barney Hilton Murray



Current and Former Clients
Bay Area Black Pages
BTB Tax Service
Gilroy Wedding Planner
Live Oak Adult Day Services
Maranatha Christian Center
Mineta Transportation Institute
Transaction Trackers
Anonymously Yours
Bethel COGIC
BEA Systems
Christ Life Clothing
Dibbs Ribs
Fantasy Magic
Fire Tech
First Focus Ministries
Floral Designs by Rita
Honey's Comb
Hotel Employer.Com
Restaurant Employer.Com
House of Soul Food
LaShun Pace
MAMI Music
San Jose Crafters Village
San Jose Evergreen NJBL
Strictly Gospel
To The Hoop
Zion Stop